Leslie’s jewelry was considered to some to be the standard in gold. They provided latest styles and highest quality gold jewelry for over 40 years. Leslie’s specializes in providing gold and silver/gold combination jewelry such as chains, bracelets, earrings and bangles. Not only is it a factory fine product, but every piece from Leslie’s is guaranteed for life. Every piece you purchase from Leslie’s is covered by their guarantee and that means if it should break for whatever reason, just bring it back to the jeweler where you purchased it and we’ll replace it! When you buy a piece you will receive a guaranteed for life card.

As solidly linked as the name implies, the Royal Chain is a third generation manufacturer and distributor of precious and alternative metal jewelry. What started as a basic chain company with humble beginnings in the 1970’s has grown to become one with an in-depth selection of gold and sterling silver, a diverse offering of basic and fashion jewelry, and some of the strongest, coordinated branded jewelry programs in the industry.

We Buy Gold

Your unworn jewelry has hidden value. In today’s market, GOLD is a valuable commodity.  We buy it all: scrap gold, broken gold, old gold jewelry, gold coins, silver jewelry, silver coins, and silver flatware. In addition to those items we also buy gold watches, like that Rolex watch that you are no longer using. We are also strong buyers of diamonds of all shapes and qualities one full carat and larger.

We pay the most for your scrap gold and diamonds in the Tampa Bay area. Whether it’s a charm, a whole jewelry box, or an entire estate, you can take comfort in knowing that you are getting the most when you sell your gold, silver, and coins to us.


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